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we petition the Obama administration to:

Amend the Controlled Substances Act and to exclude MARIJUANA and TETRAHYDROCANNABINOLS

Please amend the Controlled Substances Act and also amend the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act to exclude MARIJUANA and TETRAHYDROCANNABINOLS. You know that this is a very strong subject in America, why can't you be the first president to approach it rather than ignore it? Everyone keeps side stepping this even though marijuana has none of the side-effects close to alcohol or the tar in cigarettes. I understand that it is also up to the states to decide this, but it is not the federal governments job to tell us what we can and cannot put into our own bodies. I, myself, am not a user of marijuana, but this is about the freedom of the people. Why is there so much federal control over our own judgement and our own bodies?

Created: Mar 28, 2012  creator by Kevin T
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on Apr 08, 2012

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Here is a Video Kevin made it's cut into 3 parts





on Apr 08, 2012

on Apr 08, 2012

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DESTROY THEIR CONTROL - Important to Everyone


DESTROY THEIR CONTROL - How Marijuana Became Illegal






it's all one video cut into 3 parts