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is not showing anything
Published on September 19, 2017 By Disturbedcomputer In Help

I am having an issue with (Object Desktop Manager) it is not showing anything in the (Select software to install) and no place to put the product key at.

The reason I had to re-install was because my OS Hard Drive crashed 9-17-2017

 I went to the; my downloads at Stardock store and on (Object Desktop Ultimate (Upgrade) - Expired) and clicked the Download and neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer can get to the download.

Firefox shows File not found

Firefox can’t find the file at https://www.stardock.cachefly........................./ ObjectDesktop2008_setup

I removed a lot from the link just in case..

 Plus I don’t know why it is showing (ObjectDesktop2008)at the end of the link

When the last time I got was in 2015


IE shows 404 Error The page you are looking for is not found.

I have Most of the Stand along installers I want from my ObjectDesktop

WindowBlinds 8.13

DeskScapes 8.51

But NOT .. WindowsFX.


Can I get the Stand along installer for WindowsFX as they all work with the same Product Key beings Object Desktop Manager is not working..


Plus when I installed CursorFX 2.16 I can’t find where to put the Product Key at and it never asked for it..

And yes I know it’s not part of ObjectDesktop. Does it not require a PK any longer?



on Sep 19, 2017

Expired.......the last time I got was in 2015......


You will need an active subscription to have access to the Installers, or have backups of them to reinstall the apps. The fact that ODNT has expired is why they no longer show in ODNT Manager or in your software list  at Stardock.com.


on Sep 19, 2017


on Sep 19, 2017

Yes, you will need an active subscription. If you ever renew I would recommend backing up your installers.