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Published on January 11, 2012 By Disturbedcomputer In Internet

Would you like to get Free Online Backup and Storage for life you can!

You get 512GB of free Online Backup and Storage per E-Mail address with no more then 2 Online Backup and Storage per IP Address

so you can get a total of 1TB of Online Backup and Storage with 2 E-Mail addresses


here's how to get it

go here beecloud   (will open in a new tab)

No Credit Card needed or required for the free 512GB x2 Online Backup and Storage!

I've been using this for a month now works like a charm very easy to use. works on Windows and Mac.

want to NOTE this is NOT a Trial

Your data is stored at BeeCloud / LiveDrive is stored on the LiveDrive data center multiple times. and it is encrypted so that no one can look at the files.

it is Encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption.

also you can use a Proxy to send your data to LiveDrive

their is lots more info check them out.. it's always a good thing to have a back up and if your currently using an on line back up hay why not have just a little more 

peace of mind backing it up somewhere else.. too.

Hope you all like this bit of info




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on Jan 11, 2012

Just NEVER rely solely on 'external' or 'ethereal' backup options.

Any 'backup' or 'storage' outside of your direct, physical control is [or can be at ANY time] just smoke and mirrors....

on Jan 11, 2012

Security in "the Cloud" is a major concern, DC. Don't put anything financial or personal out there that could compromise your credit/banking/tax forms or information... no passwords nor user id's.

Also, Jafo's correct as well about whether they could lose everything. Also, what is their TOU/TOS? Do they claim ownership of anything you put up there? Do they make copies?

They are in Belgium (corporate) and store your data in the U.K.



on Jan 11, 2012

Also, Jafo's correct as well about whether they could lose everything. Also, what is their TOU/TOS? Do they claim ownership of anything you put up there? Do they make copies?


here are there rules just 4 of them

BeeCloud’s mission is to help you NEVER to lose a file.

Backing up and taking care of your data is our passion !

That is basically why we provide the backup option for FREE. We find it important that you backup your data.

BeeCloud does not own or will ever own the data that you store on our servers or the servers of LiveDrive Internet ltd.

You own your files !

BeeCloud will never look at, copy, sell, distribute the data that you store.

We do monitor the amount of data that you store so we can better assist you in backing up your data.

BeeCloud is not responsible for the data that you store.

However we preserve the right to discontinue your account and delete the data if the data is in violation of our Terms and Conditions.


Will BeeCloud use my data ?

BeeCloud will never use or look at your data. You own the data/files and you are responsible for it. We do register the amount of data that you use, so we can warn you if you reach the limit (very unlikely).

on Jan 11, 2012


BeeCloud is not responsible for the data that you store.


There's really no point to the process....

on Jan 11, 2012

OK... but as to 'never look at', how would you know?

It's administered in Belgium and stored in the UK. Do the English look at incoming data? I think they might...

on Jan 11, 2012

Just to explain my 'issue'....

They are "passionate' about your data/backup.

They don't provide any guarantee of it's security [against loss].

They wax lyrical about 'free'. Why? Because were they to charge they would be legally responsible.

Buy yourself an external HD.  Backup your own property yourself.

Use this service for 'convenience' but never pretend it's a secure way to protect your property.

on Jan 11, 2012

wow if you two don't like it then just don't sign up ...

you know we all BUY HD's and some SSD and they to don't provide any guarantee of it's security [against loss].

and they do have Pay accounts also..




on Jan 11, 2012

I'll pass. None of my stuff goes outside my 'physical' storage be it important or no.

on Jan 11, 2012


wow if you two don't like it then just don't sign up ...

It's not a question of that... there are valid points of view, and yours is one. Jafo brings up a valid point, and I believe I have as well. I probably won't sign up even though if I wrote about it in my blog (and make a free account and make it more than 200 words) I could get a totally free, unlimited account (http://www.beecloud.eu/beecloudbackup.html) (bottom of the page).

That sort of bothers me... I won't review it for a "reward". That would oblige me. It's an "advertise us and here's your reward". Since they do that, it's hard for me to believe reviews of them on line and know what's true.


on Jan 11, 2012

No thank you.  No third parties are allowed to access my data without my consent.  I'd rather manage my own data locally. The chance of data theft is significantly reduced locally over using the cloud.

on Jan 11, 2012

I just wont post any more links


that should make you all very happy

on Jan 11, 2012

DC.... no. That isn't what anyone means. Your find is certainly worthy of posting and there's nothing wrong in doing so. I for one want you to continue posting what you find. 

Other people will bring up problems... take Wise registry cleaner as an example. Not everyone is happy with what I bring to the table. You have to accept that people are wary and will have problems with stuff. It's part of the deal. I also make posts no one comments on and that's ok too.

Please don't feel hurt. You had a perfectly legitimate find, and you posted out of the best of motives.

It would make me unhappy were you to stop bringing your finds here. So please continue.

on Jan 11, 2012

There was nothing wrong with bringing your find here.  I want you to keep bringing finds here too!


on Jan 11, 2012

I'll look into this for my mother to use. She keeps nothing sensitive on her PC and has no other back up solution. (as in an external HDD) I do back up her photos to a Flash Drive though.

Any backup, cloud based or not, is better than none. If for some reason, she can't access the backup in the future, well, she was going to lose it anyway.

Thanks for the link. Most "free" storage only offers about 2GB. This is all the space she will need.

on Jan 11, 2012

Just a side note, if you own an HP Touchpad, you can get 50 GB of free space at Box.net.

But you must install the Box app on the Touchpad and join from there. Then you can login and save stuff from any machine.

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